martes, 26 de mayo de 2020


My house
I live in quiet a big detached house. Downstairs there are four rooms altogether. As you come in through the front door, the first thing you see is a very big hall. At the end of the hall is a staircase leading upstairs. The first room on the right is the dining-room. Opposite this, on the left, is quite a large living-room. A door from the living-room leads to a small study. Opposite the study, next to the dining-room, is the kitchen. This is very big and very modern. It’s one of our favourite rooms. Upstairs there are three bedrooms. As you walk along the landing towards the front of the house, there are two bedrooms on your right and one on your left. Bedroom 1 is very large and has a balcony which overlooks the garden. We often have breakfast here in the summer. Bedroom 2 is in the front of the house and the third bedroom, which we use as a spare room, is opposite the bathroom. At the end of the landing, on the left, is a separate toilet.

My kitchen is light and airy with white walls and lots of cupboards and shelves. There is a big fridge freezer in the corner covered in post-it notes and fridge magnets, and there is a washing machine and a dishwasher in the alcove at the back of the room. I have a lovely long work surface made of marble with lots of useful gadgets on it: a toaster, a teapot, a kettle, and a food processor. There is also a chopping board and a bread bin. The cooker is brand new. It’s got a grill, and a big oven. On the other side of the kitchen, beneath a window that overlooks the garden, the sink and draining board are made of stainless steel. There is a washing up bowl in the sink of course, and next to the sink there is a broom cupboard which is full of mops and buckets and an ironing board. Finally, tucked away in the corner, is the microwave, which, if I’m honest, is the thing that gets used most often in my kitchen.

What’s in your kitchen?
q       cooker/stove
q       cupboard
q       cups
q       dishwasher
q       drawers
q       forks
q       fridge
q       freezer
q       ironing board

q       frying pan
q       glasses
q       knives
q       oven
q       plates
q       saucepans
q       shelves
q       spoons
q       cutlery/silverware
q       washing-up liquid/dishwashing liquid
q       tea towel/dishcloth
q       napkins
q       sink
q       breadboard
q       tin operner/can opener
q       corkscrew
q       cloth
q       food processor
q       toaster
q       washing machine
q       scouring pad
q       tap/faucet
q       breadbin/breadbox
q       microwave
q       baking tray
q       draining board
q       (waste) bin/wastebasket
q       fish slice/spatula
q       serving spoon
q       bowls
q       wooden spoons
q       pots and pans

Feliz Verano

  Desde el CPEPA Rubielos de Mora... queremos desearos...  un feliz verano.   Os esperamos de nuevo el curso que viene con las pilas cargada...