miércoles, 29 de abril de 2020


Complete the sentences using present simple tense:

1. The boys  (play) football on Mondays.

2. There  (be) many students in this classroom.

3. My car  (not work)

4.  she  (like) listening to music?

5. Ann  (want) to be a famous singer.

6. I  (not recognize) her at first sight. Who is she?

7. She  (not be) my sister. She  (be) a good friend of mine.

8. There  (not be) any tables here. Where  (be) they?

9. She  (teach) English at this highschool.

10. What  you usually  (do) in the afternoons?

1. play
2. are
3. doesn't work
4. Does she like
5. wants
6. don't recognize
7. isn't / is
8. aren't / are
9. teaches
10. do you usually do

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